Trolley Trip

Tuesday 21st June 2005

Depart 10am, Gawthorne Court, Mostyn Grove

A specially arranged daytrip to the Sholley factory for 23 elderly persons and their trollies.

The original shopping trolley is called a Sholley, and was invented in 1960 by Tom Bowler of Bow. He had a factory in a converted church in Old Ford Road, but re-located his business to Clacton-on-Sea in the late 70’s. Tom died 10 years ago, and Sholley Ltd is now managed by his daughter Jackie, and has become a world exporter of the trolley.

This will be a specially arranged daytrip to accommodate the elderly group and their trollies … whilst it is a walking aid, the trolley is too bulky an item to be taken on a mini bus, and usually prohibits its owner from going on organised day-trips.

For this occasion, I have arranged for a 2nd mini bus to carry each passenger’s trolley.

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